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In Remembrance Standard Cards Prayer of St. Francis
Double (folded) card (70x105 mm when folded)      Single card (70x105 mm) Bookmarker (from 170 - 200x55 mm)

The prices quoted in our price list apply to STANDARD CARDS, in Memoriam cards as well as Acknowledgement cards. With the Memoriam cards you are totally free to pick and place any picture or text from our selection anywhere on the card, e.g. you can have an image from the selection on the back as well as the front. Additionally you can provide your own prayer/verse at no extra cost if you cannot find a suitable one in our selection.

The same applies for the STANDARD Acknowledgement card, but with the difference that the choice of colour images is limited to the outside of the card, inside (reverse) is black text only.

If you require a SPECIAL DESIGN CARD, please note that an additional fee will be charged depending on the amount of extra work involved. The extra cost will be between €20 - €100.
E.g. the picture of the deceased person blended into the background will cost €20 extra, 2 blended-in pictures (inside and front) plus own background will cost €40 extra. The card (normally a bookmark) incorporating a number of photographs depicting the life’s stages, as the most elaborate, will cost €100 extra.

Special Design Cards
In the following pages we intoduce a choice of frames, backgrounds and images/holy pictures. All are numbered. So you only have to write down this number on the order form in the relevent box.
Every background can be applied in a LIGHT MODE (L) as shown on the left section, or in a STRONG MODE (S) as shown on the right section of each background.

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Religious Pictures 1
Religious Pictures 2
Religious Pictures 3

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Other Pictures 1
Other Pictures 2
Other Pictures 3
Acknowledgment Cards
Wording Of Cards


Wording for front of Acknowledgment card:

(A) Thank you

(B) In grateful appreciation

(C) In fond remembrance

(D) Go raibh maith agat*

(E) Own wording

* Can be combined with (A), (B), (C) or (E)


Acknowledgment wordings

(A) The family of the late John Sample thank you most sincerely for your kind expression of sympathy in their recent bereavement.

(B) The family of the late John Sample deeply appreciate and will always hold in grateful remembrance your kind expression of sympathy with them in their recent sad loss.

(C) The family of the late John Sample desire to return their grateful thanks for your kind expression of sympathy in thier recent loss, and especially your kindness in having mass offered.

(D) The family of the late John Sample will hold in grateful rememberance your kind expression of sympathy in thier recent bereavment.

These wording are the most popular but can be altered to meet your requirments.


The following lines will be included on all cards.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions.


The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for your intentions.

The above lines can be omitted if not required.


Samples Of Personalised Cards

Below you see a few samples of personalised Acknowledment Cards or Note Paper. Please remember that these are samples and therefore suggestions.

All can be modified to your personal requirements, e.g. the use of your local church, your family crest etc.

Please take a pick from our selection


let us design a special holder for you.

The design options are identical for them Bookmark Holder and the Single Card Holder.

The text can be chosen from any of them or you provide your own.



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